Your self-publishing companion

You’re a writer.

You’re wondering how to publish a book.

You’re looking for a simple solution that will highlight your talent and generate decent royalties from your work. Have you considered self-publishing?

Here at Canam Books, our mission is to assist you in your self-publishing project. Take advantage of our innovative services, tailored to your particular needs, and become your own publisher. Take control of the publishing process, of your work and your revenue as a writer.

The publishing landscape is transforming. Traditional publishing methods have been known to put writers in the backseat. Here at Canam Books, we believe the way forward is through the empowerment of individual authors. Our team places its passion and expertise at your disposal. Our job is to support you in successfully publishing a manuscript that both meets the requirements of the professional publishing world as well as your expectations as an author.

publiez votre livre chez bouquinbec

Every manuscript is unique. So is its author.

Which is why we offer a broad spectrum of assisted publishing services to meet each of your needs. These services can be broken down into three categories:

Presto Printing

Your book is finished and is ready to print.

Pro Design

Your manuscript has been edited and needs to be designed and printed.

All-Inclusive publishing

Your manuscript is finished and needs to be edited, designed and printed.

All three options feature services and tools to help you promote and sell your book, including trainings, our online bookstore, international distribution and publication in ebook format.

Our expertise is at your service.




Proofreading and editing



Layout and illustration



Why choose Canam Books?

A publishing service tailored to your needs

Unlike its competitors, Canam Books does not require that authors fit their creative works to a pre-made plan or package. All our offers are customized from the ground up, based on your needs and publishing objectives. You choose and pay only for the publishing services that best suit your vision and your work.

Authorial freedom is important to us

Here at Canam Books, we don’t use author’s contracts. We prefer to work on the basis of mutual trust, which is why we strive to make every collaboration an enriching experience for everyone involved.

A realistic approach

Our goal as publishing assistants is to provide you from the outset with all the information you need to publish your book. This includes a realistic understanding of the challenges you will face. Being aware of these challenges will help you make the right decisions regarding your book and its publication.

Your rights belong to you

Most importantly, working with us means that you remain the sole owner of your rights as an author. Become your own publisher. This is a big step, and it deserves congratulations! May your book live long and prosper.

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