The holidays are finally here. It’s time to take a breath, step away from our computer screens and appreciate how far we’ve all come in these past twelve months.

2018 was a milestone year for us. CanamBooks took flight in the fall of 2017, and with 2018 coming to end we celebrate our first full year in the world. And what a year it has been.

Evidently we weren’t happy with just being born. I think it’s safe to say we hit the ground running.  Here are a few highlights of what happened in 2018:

  • We shepherded over 50 authors from finished manuscript to printed book and beyond. Including our sister services to French authors, BouquinBec, the number rises to more than 250. Each of these authors comes to us with their unique journey, and to share a portion of this journey with them has been a real privilege, not to mention a constant opportunity to learn and grow.
  • We launched the first fully transparent, intermediary-free online sale solution for authors. It allows authors to sell their own book directly from their website, without having the lion’s share of their profits siphoned by one or several middlemen. We call this solution the Author’s Website, and it’s the only one of its kind on the market today.
  • We published our second guide for authors, this time providing insight into book promotion and marketing strategy. Download your free copy of the Author’s Guide to Book Promotion on our website today.

Together, CanamBooks and BouquinBec count more than thirty collaborators, each bringing with them a wellspring of expertise and professional experience in different aspects of the publishing process: editing, design, translation, manuscript analysis, illustration, printing, online sale and communications.

The number of published independent authors continues to grow

It’s been said, and we’ll say it again: self-publishing is now mainstream. Studies by organizations like Author Earnings and Bowker* confirm this by showing steady rises in self-published titles in the United States over the course of the past few years. Taken as a whole, self-publishing is no longer an alternative. It’s a contender.

In 2017, print titles by self-published authors rose 38% while ebook titles slipped by 13%. This phenomenon can be explained by the arrival of simple, efficient print-on-demand solutions like our Author’s Website, that have made it possible for authors to finally break through the glass ceiling of book distribution.

Just as, fifteen years ago, the internet allowed musicians to break through without selling their rights to a major record label, today’s emerging online solutions in print-on-demand and e-commerce are giving authors the tools they need to succeed on their own, without having to bow to extortionist policies still espoused by many traditional publishers and distributors.

This is all good news, and it’s worth raising a glass to and wishing even better years to come for independent authors. With these hopes in mind, the entire CanamBooks team wishes you a joyful holiday season. 2018 has given us lots to think about. We’re happy about how far we’ve come in this short year, but we still feel there’s much more we can do. 2019 will be the opportunity to implement the many ideas and lessons we’ve gathered over the course of the past year. Stay tuned through our newsletters to hear about all the exciting new services we’ll be rolling out in the coming months!



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