About Us

CanamBooks is a hub of publishing professionals that has grown out of the idea that authors should be at the center of the publishing process.

Based out of Montreal, in Canada, our team gathers publishing consultants, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, translators and printmakers from around Canada to offer authors quality services with the flexibility of self-publishing.

To date we’ve helped more 1,500 authors publish in Canada, Europe and the United States.

Our core values

Author empowerment

We believe the future of self-publishing, and publishing more broadly, lies in the empowerment of authors. Everything we do aims for this goal. That’s why we don’t sign contracts, and we don’t claim royalties.


As self-publishing consultants we feel our job is to do more than just offer services. We’re here to accompany authors through a journey of self-discovery. We provide assistance on all the technical details of bookmaking and selling so you can stay focused on what matters.


Clear communication is the key to a successful relationship. Companies that abide by the dog-eat-dog principle tend to use clever tactics to squeeze as much money as they can from their clients. We believe instead that building trust and long-term relationships are the keys to better living, and better business.


6 employees
30+ collaborators

since 2013

+1500 authors

Our team

Jordan Dessertine
Self-publishing Coordinator

Sylvie Dulac
Accounts Manager

Henri Dulac
Production Manager

Benjamin Kwan Teau
IT Development Manager

Louis de Bernis
Marketing Coordinator

Simon Dulac

Our story

The story of CanamBooks starts in 2013, when Simon Dulac founds Rapido Books, a Montreal-based printing company that specializes in short run printing. The idea is to offer affordable, high-quality short run printing with short turnaround time to replace the wasteful and expensive practice of printing and warehousing thousands of books at a time.

In 2015, Rapido Books acquires the Quebec-based self-publishing company BouquinPlus, and renames it BouquinBec. Guided by Rapido Books’ original vision, BouquinBec introduces a collaborative approach to self-publishing, for authors who want to produce high quality work without compromising their creative control and financial independence. BouquinBec is met with instant success.

Spurred on by BouquinBec’s success among French-speaking authors, the service is expanded into English in 2017. CanamBooks is born. CanamBooks offers authors the same flexible, responsive service that made BouquinBec’s success, though this time opening its doors to all of Canada and the US. CanamBooks becomes the first fully bilingual self-publishing service in North America.


“If you want to go the route of self-publishing and hang on to control of your book and its publishing, then CanamBooks is the company for you.”


We’ve helped hundreds of authors achieve their publishing goals.

Contact Us

6600 Saint-Urbain Street
Office 507
Montreal, QC, H2S 3G8

+1 (800) 281-7658

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