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The Author’s Website

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Building your own Author Website 

Like every other self-published author, you’re wondering how to broaden your audience and sell more books.

Many authors still believe that in order to sell lots of books, they either have to go through a big online vendor or through a big brick-and-mortar bookstore. But what doesn’t often get mentioned is that both of these have become so congested with millions of authors publishing their books every year, that there’s no more room for new authors to emerge. Often when one is unsure how to market and sell one’s book, it’s tempting to think that having your book in a big retailer will do the marketing work for you.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Being carried by a major retailer actually means being drowned in an ocean of competition: thousands (millions in the case of online retailers) of authors pitted against each other in a battle where the only real winner is the retailer.

In contrast to the major retailers that promise easy access to millions of disinterested potential buyers, our experience has shown us that an author’s success comes from tapping deep into and engaging with their network, while enlarging their audience by developing a robust online identity. The uniqueness of an author’s process, taken for granted as a part of the writing process, is no less crucial to a book’s commercial success.

The author’s website we propose, coupled with a robust business plan, a targeted approach to your readership, catchy content and a dynamic communications plan, can turn your network into a formidable source of revenue. This author’s website, which you can customize to fit your needs and objectives, becomes an invaluable tool added to your marketing toolkit. What’s more, it belongs entirely to you.

Oh, and did we mention that you’ll get higher royalties than anywhere else?

The Author’ Website

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“CanamBooks set up their Click package on my website. It’s great!
It gives me complete autonomy. I’ve been given control over my sales, revenue and I can receive personalized assistance when I need it. A great benefit for an entrepreneur like me!”


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