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Online distribution is a potentially powerful tool for the self-published author. While traditional distribution in brick-and-mortar stores can be costly and risky—with the author footing the bill for hundreds of copies that may never sell—online distribution offers the same widespread exposure as traditional distribution with the advantage that books are printed on demand.

What online distribution gets you

Online distribution is an easy way to get your book listed for sale on the largest online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters-Indigo. When you distribute your book with CanamBooks, you’ll have access to the largest online distribution network in North America via our distribution partner Ingram (up to 39,000 points of sale online).


How online distribution works

Distributing your print book: when your print book is distributed online, it is listed on all our partner retail websites. When a copy of your book is purchased on one of these retail websites, a copy is printed on demand by the distributor and shipped to the buyer.
Royalties on print book sales are transferred to you once per month.

Distributing your eBook: eBook distribution works pretty much in the same way as print book distribution, with the difference that an eBook is a downloadable file (no production required). When someone buys a copy of your eBook, they receive a digital copy of your book in return.
Royalties on eBook sales are transferred to you by once per month.

The advantages

Online distribution offers extreme convenience to the self-published author who wants their book made available as widely as possible.

1. Wide exposure: online distribution is an easy way to make your book as widely available as possible.

2. Convenience: distribution does the work of listing your print and eBook on hundreds of online retailers, saving you the work of opening accounts with each of them.

3. A single income stream: your royalties on sales throughout the distribution network are bundled together in a single payment every month, instead of hundreds of small payments from each individual retailer.

4. Print on demand: books purchased through one of our retail partners are printed on demand, which means no warehousing fees and no risk of unsold stock.

The disadvantages

Distribution means letting someone else take care of the sale and distribution of your book, leaving you less in control of your sales and with lower royalty rates.

1. Less control over your sales: distributing your book means putting yourself two degrees of separation away from your buyer, with the distributor and retailer in between. The retailer is the one interfacing with the client, and the distributor takes care of fulfilling print orders—and neither shares sales data, since it’s considered proprietary information. You’re therefore dependent on the retailer and distributor to sell your book, and you can’t track sales as closely as if they were done directly or via your own website.

2. Lower royalties: both the distributor and the retailer will be taking shares of your book’s profit, leaving you with smaller royalties than if you were selling your books directly.

Royalties through online distribution

The two charts below show the royalty breakdown for print and eBooks through our online distribution service.

The author share on print book sales is 35% of the book’s list price. The print cost of the book is deducted from this share and the remainder is sent to the author as royalties.

  • CanamBooks 10% 10%
  • Distributor 15% 15%
  • Author share 35% 35%
  • Retailer 40% 40%

The author share on eBook sales is 50% of the eBook’s list price. Since there are no production costs involved in the sale of an eBook, the entire author share is sent to the author as royalties.

  • Distributor + CanamBooks 50% 50%
  • Author share 50% 50%

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