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A Canadian online bookstore for authors in Canada!

Start selling your books on the CanamBooks Store

Our online store is your permanent showcase and allows you to promote your book online. It’s a great tool for putting you in direct contact with readers all across Canada, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sell your book in both print and eBook formats on our online bookstore.

Not only do you maximize your returns through direct sales, but you also receive royalties more quickly, with monthly transfers to your Paypal account.

Retailers know about our online bookstore and regularly use it to order books for their customers. You can benefit from exposure to major retailers but you also save yourself from having to deal with returned unsold stock.

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The CanamBooks Store

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“The CanamBooks Store has consistently provided fast, personalized and high quality service in printing, distribution and order fulfillment for the readers, reviewers and bookstores that have requested my books!”


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