To publish is to sell.

Learn how to promote your book and see your revenues rise with Canam Books.

You’re a writer. You’re wondering: how do I sell my book? You’re the one who poured time and love into writing and rewriting your book, so it’s only fair that the largest share of its profits should come to you.

Here at Canam Books it’s our priority to make that happen. Empowering writers also means giving them back financial control of their work. We offer no less than seven book sale solutions—far more than you’d be getting from a traditional publishing house or through a standard self-publishing service. What’s more, you’re in charge of the process from start to finish: you decide how to sell your book and how to maximize your returns.

Not only are our 7 sales channels at your disposal, but with us your share of your book’s royalties is higher than with our competitors.

No less than 5 distribution channels for you to take advantage of

Reach out to as many readers as possible and maximize your sales. Publishing is our trade. Let us share our knowledge and experience with you:

Beyond the bookstore

Many writers believe that having their book featured in a bookstore is the final seal of approval for an author. But just as the world of publishing is transforming, so is the role of traditional bookstores. Today, the on-site bookstore is only one of many sales options open to publishers. What is more, it is often the most unyielding, high-risk option, and involves low returns on sales because of shares claimed by retail sellers.

Your biggest sales asset is you

You’ve made the bold decision to self-publish your book. You are your own publisher. Why not also be your own distributor and librarian?

Outsourcing your book sales to middle-men (distributors, librarians) increases expenses while not really affecting profit. If you sell your book in a bookstore, your net profit might reach at most 40% of your book’s final sale price (after having given both the distributor and librarian their shares). This doesn’t take into account unsold copies: for 400 books sent to bookstores, between 60% and 90% are likely to never sell. Here’s a concrete example of a bookstore sales formula.

Direct selling will always get you higher returns than selling in a bookstore

For all sales made during book launches and fairs, Canam Books does not take a commission, unless you want us to manage book sales for you.

When selling your ebook on our online bookstore, your returns can be as high as 70% of the final book price (which is set by you).

When selling your print book online, your returns are between 40 and 50% of the final book price (again set by you), and Canam Books is responsible for shipping your book to the buyer.

For onsite sales of your print book in bookstores, Canam Books can, upon your request, grant retail sellers a volume discount on your books in order to increase your sales and royalties.

For all international sales of your print book, we undertake a market study to determine the ideal price of your book for each country where it will be sold.
Contact us for more information.

Take control of your expenses and returns with a direct sales approach

Get paid quickly

You are the author. Not only do you need to get the most of your book sales, but you also need to get them quickly. This is important to us and we are committed to delivering your royalties in prompt and painless fashion.

If you have a Paypal account, we will set it up so that you receive monthly transfers of your royalties from book sales (print and ebook) on our online bookstore.

Royalties from international sales are also transferred to you every trimester.

In contrast, an author whose book is published by a traditional publishing house generally receives her royalties (which waver around 10%) only once or at most twice per year after her book has been commercialized.

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