Print your own book. Impeccable and fast.
Presto Printing

With our Presto Printing service, you’ll be getting help in taking that final step of the publishing process: printing. Send us your book in PDF form and we will print, bind it and make it into a book.

print your own book

What’s included in Presto Printing:

1Professional printing service. Your book is printed according to professional publishing norms. Over 10,000 possible printing options to choose from to print your own book.

2 Choose to have a proof copy of your book printed. Canam Books is the only publishing service provider to offer proof copies prior to printing full orders. This allows you to sample a hard copy of your book before committing to the full order. Proof copies are crucial tools in making sure your books come out the best that they can be.

3Cover page layout assistance. Ask us about receiving assistance to format your cover page. Don’t forget: your cover page is your most important sales tool.

Optimised return on investment

Your files are ready?

Your manuscript has been reviewed by a professional editor, and a graphic designer has provided the layout of your book’s interior and cover page. You’re ready to print!

We set the cost of impression on our end so that you receive a return on your investment in the event that less than 100 copies are sold. Over only 100 copies sold, your returns are around 50 to 70% of the sale price of your book.

How does this compare to a traditional publishing house? The average royalties for an author published through a traditional publishing house hover around 10%.

Something to consider: your profit per copy sold depends on the sale price of your book as well as the technical characteristics of your book (dimensions, page count, colour versus black and white, etc.). We’re here to help you determine the price that will best help you achieve your financial goals.

Super fast services

Given a completed manuscript, we can have your book edited and formatted in as little as a month. Once the book’s layout is finalized (in PDF format), we’ll have it printed in a matter of days.

Once the first print run has sold out, another run can be ready to go after 4 days, which avoids the risk of overstock. Our system helps minimize the risks you run as a writer and publisher. We print your books to meet the same standards used by major publishing houses. As master printers, we offer you the highest-quality printing service in Quebec. Choosing Canam Books means walking away with a product of exceptional quality.

No unsold copies

Our short-run printing formula helps you avoid the nightmares of overstock and unsold copies. We give you the option to print less copies at a time, without ever running out of stock, because it takes us only days to print a new run. Our print- on-demand service is the only one of its kind in Quebec.

A service tailored to your needs

Presto Printing

Your manuscript has been edited, designed, and is ready for print
  • Proof copy

  • High-quality printing

  • Optional cover page design

  • Full access to our sales services

Pro Design

Your manuscript has been edited, and you want it designed and printed
  • Optional automatic correction (run through software)

  • Interior layout

  • Cover page creation and layout

  • Proof copy

  • High-quality printing

  • Full access to our sales services

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