Looking to publish your own book?
Try our All-Inclusive Publishing service.

Select our All-Inclusive option to take advantage of our full array of services: from proofreading and editing to layout, cover page design, printing, promotion and sales. Get comprehensive assistance from start to finish.

publish your own book

What’s included in our All-Inclusive service:

1Canam Books’ All-Inclusive Publishing service is the best of both worlds. More professional than standard self-publishing and less costly than author’s edition, our service distinguishes itself by its transparency and its ability to adapt to your particular needs. We reduce the publishing chain by putting you in direct contact with consultants, from writing coaches to proofreaders to graphic designers.
Taking out the middle-men means you get to keep control over your project, while spending less and enjoying higher returns. All without compromising the quality of the work.

Access to the same editing services that a professional publishing house offers its authors:

  • Revision, correction and stylistic editing
  • Layout
  • Proof copy evaluation
  • Composition of back cover copy
  • High-quality printing
  • Digital book formatting

Our All-Inclusive service also includes options that you won’t find at a traditional publisher:

  • writing coaching
  • editorial evaluation
  • training workshops

Your book is one of a kind. So is your voice.

Canam Books offers you a personalized publishing service that adapts to your experience, your means and your publishing objectives. You are your own publisher. Build the publishing strategy that best suits your goals, and pay only for the services you want.

Authorial freedom is important to us

Here at Canam Books, we don’t use author’s contracts. We prefer to work on the basis of mutual trust, and for us this starts with offering you an impeccable service. We guarantee a fruitful collaboration for everyone involved. Contact us to know more.

Transparency pricing

We determine from the outset the cost of your assisted publishing agreement and provide you with accurate estimates. No surcharges are added to your bill without prior approval by you. You will receive a new quote every time your book’s parameters (page number, format, etc.) are changed.

Top-of- the-line publishing services and trainings

Through contact with our publishing experts (writing coaches, editors, graphic designers, etc.), you’ll gain knowledge and tools of the trade to help in your next projects.
We are committed to sharing our experience of the publishing world with you:

  • by placing clear and comprehensive information at your disposal
  • by providing prompt responses to your questions within 24 hours
  • by providing continual follow-ups on your file

Low prices without compromising on quality

Our team of publishers boast over 70 years of combined experience, not to mention the many editing and design experts who are here to support and help you through the process of publishing your book. We guarantee:

  • access to the same editing and graphic expertise that you’d expect to find in any major publishing house
  • masterful treatment of every detail of your book
  • the best market prices for correction and layout (in comparison to prices at traditional publishing houses)
  • a high-quality service that won’t break your budget

Choose your publication date

Here at Canam Books, we let you determine your publication date and we adapt to your timeline.
Traditional publishing houses set their programmes according to complex rules tied to tax return periods and book fairs. Choose Canam Books and give yourself the freedom to coordinate your own publication.
How can we afford to offer this? Our printing process boasts super fast turnaround. Once your files are ready to print, we can have your book printed within two weeks’ time. And once your first run is sold out, it takes 4 days to print subsequent runs. Never run out of stock again!

A service tailored to your needs

Presto Printing

Your manuscript has been edited, designed, and is ready for print
  • Proof copy

  • High-quality printing

  • Optional cover page design

  • Full access to our sales services

Pro Design

Your manuscript has been edited, and you want it designed and printed
  • Optional automatic correction (run through software)

  • Interior layout

  • Cover page creation and layout

  • Proof copy

  • High-quality printing

  • Full access to our sales services

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