The Author’s Guide to Assisted Self-Publishing

Our Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing is a primer meant for first-time authors, or published authors considering self-publishing for the first time.

What is self-publishing? How does it work? What are the do’s and dont’s? Find answers to these questions and more in our Guide to Self-Publishing.

All your self-publishing needs in one place. 

Our full range of publishing services make us a one-stop shop for authors.

  Find all your publishing needs in a single place

  Get a publishing quote that’s tailored to your manuscript

  Receive guidance and support every step of the way

  Work with Canada’s small-batch and POD expert

The Author’s Guide to Assisted Self-Publishing

What’s in this guide?


1. What is assisted self-publishing

2. The 3 steps to making your book

3. Promoting your book

4. The 7 deadly sins of self-publishing

A publishing package that’s as unique as you are

No two publishing projects are alike. We know this from having shepherded hundreds of authors from manuscript to published book. And it’s why we keep our services as flexible as possible, so that we can adapt to every author’s particular needs and vision.

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