Every manuscript is unique. So is its author.

Which is why we offer three basic services in assisted publishing that can be adapted to meet your needs as a writer and publisher.

Your manuscript has been written, edited and formatted for print?

With the Presto Printing option, you’ll be getting help in taking that final step of the publishing process: printing.
Send us your book in PDF form and we will print, bind it and make it into a book.

Presto Printing

Your manuscript has been written and edited?

With our Pro Design service, you’ll be tapping into the expertise of a team of graphic designers, who together with you will take your finished manuscript and format it into a book that respects the rules of book layout and printing.

Pro Design

Your manuscript has been written but still needs to be edited, designed and printed?

Select our All-Inclusive option to take advantage of our full array of services: from proofreading and editing to layout, cover page design, printing, promotion and sales.
Get comprehensive assistance from start to finish.

All-Inclusive publishing

All three options feature services and tools to help you promote and sell your book, including trainings, our online bookstore, international distribution and publication in ebook format.

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