Looking for help with the layout and design of your book?
Discover our Pro Design service.

Have your book formatted and printed according to professional publishing norms.

self publishing my book

What’s included in Pro Design:

1Layout (interior & cover page) and printing

2 Option to have your manuscript sifted through our automatic correction software

3 Over 10,000 printing options to choose from

Publishing expertise at a low price

We put our professional know-how at your service with a single aim in mind: to support you as the master and visionary of your work. We are here to help coordinate your book’s publication and to ensure its quality.

To highlight your work in the best possible way, you’ll want a professional designer to oversee the layout of your book’s interior and cover page.

We reduce the publishing chain by putting you in direct contact with the graphic expert who will be in charge of designing your book. Together, the two of you will decide every detail of your book’s layout. You are your own publisher. Our assisted publishing formula, which does away with so many of the middle-men involved in traditional publishing, helps you increase your profit per book sold.

Request a proof copy and guarantee best results

We are the only publishing service in Quebec to offer the option to print a proof copy. We always print a proof copy prior to production. This allows you to make a final verification of your book before we launch production. It’s a good time to make last-minute changes and corrections that weren’t spotted in the digital document. You let us know what needs to be changed and make sure your book comes out just the way you want it.
Quebec’s highest-quality printing option

Canam Books is the best book printer in Quebec. We offer you the same printing quality that we offer to the most demanding publishing houses.

Our production is based locally, in Montreal. We offer more than 10,000 possible printing options, enough to make sure that you find one that reflects you and your work.

  • Many paper types to choose from (offset or coated, matte or gloss, white or cream, etc.), all of which are recycled or produced from sustainably managed forests
  • Customizable formats
  • Possibility of adding flaps to your book cover
  • A number of cover page finishes to choose from
  • Five binding options

We’re here to guide you in choosing the options that best reflect your vision of your book. Our many years of experience as master printers are at your service.

Imprimez moins pour dépenser moins

Nous vous évitons le cauchemar des invendus grâce à notre formule d’impression à petits tirages !
En effet, nous vous permettons d’imprimer moins de livres à la fois, sans jamais tomber en rupture, car nous réimprimons en quelques jours seulement. Avec BouquinBec, minimisez les risques de l’édition !

Ajustez votre livre entre deux tirages

L’autre avantage de notre formule d’impression à petits tirages, c’est que vous pouvez ajuster votre livre entre deux impressions. Vous avez repéré une erreur ? Des coquilles ? Ça arrive, rassurez-vous, et vous n’avez pas à écouler un stock de plusieurs centaines de livres qui comportent ces fautes ou ces erreurs. Nous réimprimons votre livre à petit prix !

Gagnez plus de redevances

Grâce à notre service d’édition international, vos lecteurs paient des frais de port limités (nous imprimons au point de production le plus proche de chez eux) et vous touchez ainsi plus de redevances sans prendre le risque d’imprimer à l’avance ! Élargissez votre lectorat.

A service tailored to your needs

Presto Printing

Your manuscript has been edited, designed, and is ready for print
  • Proof copy

  • High-quality printing

  • Optional cover page design

  • Full access to our sales services

Pro Design

Your manuscript has been edited, and you want it designed and printed
  • Optional automatic correction (run through software)

  • Interior layout

  • Cover page creation and layout

  • Proof copy

  • High-quality printing

  • Full access to our sales services

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