Self-Publishing Is Easy

Professionally assisted self-publishing

Find all your publishing needs in a single place

Get a publishing quote that’s tailored to your manuscript

Receive guidance and support every step of the way

Work with Canada’s small-batch and POD expert

All your self-publishing needs in a single place.

Our full range of publishing services makes us a one-stop shop for authors.


Working with an editor not only ensures that as few mistakes as possible make it to print, but it also elevates your manuscript to be the best that it can be.


Layout & design

There’s no reason a self-published book should look any less professional than a trade-published book: get a professional-looking cover and interior layout.



Need illustrations for your children’s book? Or maybe some artwork for your cover? An illustrator is an artist who will create original art for your book.



Did we mention that we’re printers?
Let us take care of producing the copies of your book: work with Canada’s expert in small-batch printing and print on demand!



Planning to make your book available as an e-book? You’ll need an ebook file. Work with one of our professional designers to produce one from your print files.


Meet our team of publishing experts

Our team of experienced publishing consultants are here to assist you in every step of your publishing journey. We’re always keen to start new projects, provide advice and explore new possibilities. Get in touch with someone from our team today!


“It’s been a long journey building this book and your help and service has been generous in all interactions. I know if I went to a competing online book building service, I would not have received the same level of service and education of the process.”


Selling made simple

Get the support you need to sell and distribute your book online.

Once your book is published, it needs to sell. Check out our line of e-commerce and distribution solutions for indie authors to help you reach your readership and achieve financial independence.

What is a self-publishing company?

A self-publishing company helps authors publish their own works.

We act as a hub that connects you with the right professionals who will help you publish a high-quality book. Your book remains yours, both creatively and financially. We don’t claim royalties on your sales, and we put you in direct contact with an editor and graphic designer so you can get the best price possible, and stay in total control.

Start learning today!

Check out our Blog and Resources to learn more about self-publishing and all the stages that go into making a book.

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