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Meeting myself in an Alternate Universe

Meeting myself in an Alternate Universe

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Looking forward to this Review by Christopher From Space Concordia
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I was not sure where else to hopefully reach out to the Author. I wanted to say that I had the opportunity to meet Arvind today. He approached me at the Concordia University open house as I was attending our Societies info desk and asked "do you like science fiction?" and we had a chance to talk. He told me how he was a student years ago and brought up his book.

I was instantly interested as it seemed like it was very grounded in physics , I honestly would have bought a book off of him but had no cash and couldn't leave the desk. I told him I would order online and I just did the very same day. I really wanted to Arvind to know that he made an impression on me and I really did buy your book and look forward to it arriving in the mail and reading it.

I am happy I had the unique opportunity of meeting the author in person and I plan on making a proper review and updating this post when I have read the book. If the book is any reflection of the spirit and attitude of the author itself then I imagine this book will be fantastic!

Best of luck to you Sir!

Christopher (Posted on 10/19/2019)
It is complicated but interesting story Review by GER
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading it but you need some science background to fully appreciate ii. (Posted on 7/27/2019)
Great story Review by Doug
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I enjoyed thoroughly this book. Well done. (Posted on 7/7/2019)

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