Author Testimonials

Our authors share a few words about their experience with CanamBooks.

“The printing quality is exceptional, as is the team’s patience, for a beginner author always has many questions of all sorts.

Transparency when it comes to royalties, which are transferred monthly without hassle.
Very good service.”

Charles Hunter-Villeneuve

“Printing quality is crucial when making a photo book. I chose CanamBooks and I am very happy with the outcome.

Business relations are always professional, courteous and reliable, be it in their attention to detail or in their respect of the conditions of our agreement.”

Martine Michaud

“The day I realized that I was providing services that would normally be undertaken by a publishing house, I told myself: I might as well publish myself!

Not to mention that I get to keep my book rights and the royalties are much higher than anywhere else.”

Ginette Bureau

Jimmy Ung

Traveler, speaker and writer

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’ve worked for a number of international organizations in the field of the arts and culture seeking to promote a more inclusive and pacifist society. All my projects are centered around intercultural discovery and learning. In 2015, I traveled across both American continents, north to south, on my motorcycle. From that was born a book in French and English, Panam Jimmy.

What made you decide to work with CanamBooks?

I’d have to say it was human dimension, the friendly connection I felt right away with the team when we first met! The attention they brought to my project was genuine, even though it was only still a dream. Their support bolstered me and gave me the confidence I needed to face the challenge of making a book.

What projects are you currently working on?

I do talks on intercultural dialogue, notably in educational contexts. I also talk about my pan-american travels. I’m also preparing my next adventure, which will be to cross Canada on motorcycle, from coast to coast!

What advice would you give to beginning authors?

Don’t hesitate to talk about your project and share your ideas. Writing can be a solitary adventure, and sharing one’s ideas and hopes can often help enrich our process and improve the end result.

David Laporte

Author of Esport Geek Life

“Regardless of the situation or the challenge, CanamBooks always stayed professional in order to help me achieve my goals. At all times, their team was available to answer my questions.

But what most impressed me was their flexibility, their ability to adapt to my needs. I also share the same feeling as so many other authors who have worked with CanamBooks: the quality of their printing is truly impressive.

In the end, my project was a success on all accounts. Self-publishing is also the art of team-building. One person alone moves ahead with small steps; a motivated team does it in great leaps.“

Andrea Courey

Author of Conversations with Chloe

“I first went to Balboa Press, I looked at the six packages that were available and I said, I want the best that I can have. I chose the most expensive package. An emotional decision. Dumb.

For the French version, I decided to not make the same mistake twice. I searched for a local publisher and within days, I heard about CanamBooks.

The difference was glaringly evident. Business is always about relationships and this was one of the biggest pieces missing for me at Balboa Press. There was no relationship with anybody there who was accompanying me and taking my book from A to Z… I was always being pushed off to another person. As a result there were issues that I could never get solved.

The beauty of CanamBooks was: one person. And that’s only the relationship part! The finished product tells its own story too. The difference in the quality of the publishing is self-evident: the reproduction of the photographs, layout of the pages, quality of the impression – there’s no comparison. I was able to work directly with the graphic designer as we went through the whole book. The end result is proof that this is the way to self-publish a book.”

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